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Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he is not responding to his Ukrainian counterpart Pyotr Poroshenko's attempts to contact him on the phone as he does not wish to take part in the latter's election campaign, as the Russian leader himself told reporters when asked to comment on the lack of a telephone conversation with the Ukrainian president. "It is not that I am just avoiding a conversation or don't want to talk with Pyotr Alexeyevich [Poroshenko], it is not like that," Putin said. "The matter is that I don't want to take part in his election campaign," the Russian president pointed out. According to Putin, Poroshenko is good at creating crises and staging provocations which he immediately blames on Russia, but at the same time "he immediately wants to show everyone that he can successfully resolve emerging issues." "It is a simple stunt but I don't want to be part of these stunts and I will not take part in them," the Russian leader added.