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A woman was walking down the sidewalk in a Winston-Salem, North Carolina, neighborhood when she was attacked by a group of dogs, a video shows. The woman was bitten "on the back of her head, her leg and her arm" Monday morning, Winston-Salem police Lt. A.J. Santos said, according to The Winston-Salem Journal. Police did not identify the victim of the attack, but Forsyth County Animal Services is investigating, the Journal reported. A video of the incident shows the woman on the ground being bitten and pulled by at least three dogs. Two other dogs are seen running toward her in the video, but it was unclear if they also attacked her. A neighbor rushes to the woman's rescue in the video, chasing away the dogs. ON CAMERA: Woman attacked by four dogs while walking on Winston-Salem sidewalk Monday morning. Victim - in her 60's according to animal control - was bitten on her head and leg. @myfox8 — Michael Hennessey (@mhennesseynews) December 3, 2018