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(WASHINGTON TIMES) — Forty Democrats are mulling a run for the White House according to some counts, many fueled by their disbelief that President Trump not only won the 2016 election, but that he’s still in office. Yes, well. It’s going to be a noisy lead-up to 2020 — and now we have one more name to add, and he is among the first of the independent hopefuls.

Pro-wrestling kingpin and former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura still eyes the big ring. The big political ring, that is. He, too, is considering a presidential run.

“I’m always interested,” Mr. Ventura told TMZ, the celebrity gossip news site. “The Greenies have shown interest — the Green Party. I’ll go to Mexico now for a couple of months and that’s where I’ll make my ultimate decision, when I get down there and clear my head about whether to do it or not. There are a lot of factors involved. See, I don’t want to run and elect Trump.”

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