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(Left, Feminist roadkill. Young women have no idea how they have they betrayed by society.) 

My life has been a "search for my identity"
because I didn't know 
Western society had been subverted
by a sinister satanic cult, the Illuminati
intent on destroying it.


by Henry Makow PhD

I've said it so many times it has lost its meaning. 

The Satanist (Masonic Jewish) Central Banking Cartel is destroying the four legs of human identity - race, religion, nation and family (gender).  

Without reference to these four things, you cannot define yourself and develop properly as a human being. You suffer from arrested development. 

They want to dehumanize and harness you to their satanist agenda. A satanic cult controls and exploits its members by corrupting and making them sick. Healthcare is a bigger business than war.

The Protocols of Zion (16-4) say. "We will destroy every collective force except our own,"   Our "leaders" serve this agenda.

Human identity is knowing who you are.  

I was born in 1949. My life was marred by this insidious satanic campaign. Our "leaders," schools, media and corporations are proxies for the satanist central bankers. 

My generation was "looking for our identity" because these pricks were busy burying it and still are. 

At age 69, I can finally say I know who I am.   

I am a purebred Khazar on both sides. I am proud to be Jewish, a talented but terribly misguided and lost people. I believe in the retention of racial identity because the bankers want to destroy it. I have nothing against mixed race people. I am married to one. A previous wife was a Filipina. But as a purebred, I know who I am. I am not 50% this and 50% that.  (Or as the DNA kits tell you, 34% this and 12% that etc.) 

As for nation, I have been a Canadian nationalist all my life.  

Regarding religion, I believe in God which means being true to yourself. Finally, I am a man which I define in terms of power -- protecting and providing for wife and children. 

(This creep's days are numbered.)

Incredibly, the Prime Minister of Canada is a Satanist who makes it his business to undermine the four legs of our human identity.  Just last week, he said "there needs to be conversations about toxic masculinity, and that men can't show emotion, have to be the leader of the home, and how a threat to any of that makes him weak. Says it's time to change that, starts with how people raise children."

He also calls Canada "a post-national state" and floods Canada with economic migrants from the Third World. 

I find it amazing that the satanist mass media promotes the destruction of marriage and the nuclear family. Here it tries to normalize "polyamorous marriages." 

"Sometimes Stephanie Weisner doesn't know how two-parent families do it all, without a Mike in tow. Weisner, 38, has been in a polyamorous relationship with her husband, Ian Hubbard, and her work colleague, Mike Wissink, for eight years. The three adults all live together in one home in Moncton, alongside Weisner and Hubbard's two children, who are seven and nine years old."

What kind of a man lets another man fuck his wife under his own roof? What kind of an example are they setting for their children? Yet this perverse dysfunctional behaviour is presented as bold and chic by our mass media, who indeed are the enemy of the people.  

We already know how the Satanists love gender dysphoria and homosexuality and teach school children to "question their gender."

Heterosexuals cannot find fulfilment except as men or women. We need to be MORE masculine and MORE feminine, not less. The double standard is galling. Calling masculinity "toxic" is not HATE?  

Western society has been taken under by a satanic cult, the Illuminati. (Cabalist Judaism, Freemasonry.) We know this because you cannot  mention God. Why? Because people who are true to themselves cannot be controlled. We know because sickness and dysfunction are tolerated. Constructive and healthy influences are suppressed or banned. 

Man is God's Creation, perhaps his finest one. We owe it to our maker to embody spiritual ideals, to be as noble, pure and praiseworthy as we can be.  Most of our "leaders" are traitors out to exploit, degrade and destroy us. 

After seven decades on this planet, I finally know who I am. 

Do you know who you are?