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Former Vice President Creepy Joe Biden appears to be confirming speculation that he will be wading into a likely-crowded Democratic primary in 2020, telling people on his book tour that he believes he is the most qualified person in this country to be president.

Biden made the comments at a stop on his book tour in Missoula, Montana.

“I’ll be as straight with you as I can. I think I’m the most qualified person in the country to be president,” Biden said. “The issues that we face as a country today are the issues that have been in my wheelhouse, that I’ve worked on my whole life.”

“No one should run for the job unless they believe that they would be qualified doing the job. I’ve been doing this my whole adult life, and the issues that are the most consequential relating to the plight of the middle class and our foreign policy are things that I have – even my critics would acknowledge, I may not be right but I know a great deal about it,” he added.

While Biden appears to be extremely confident about his chances, he says that his decision to run will depend on his family, the Hill reports. He expects to make up in mind in the next couple of months.

“I have two young grandchildren my son left who love me and adore me and want me around. I want to be there to take care of them, so we’ve got to figure out whether or not this is something we can all do as a family,” he said. “We’re going to make that decision in the next six weeks to two months, and that’s the basis of the decision.”

Biden reportedly cited his age and being out of touch with the #MeToo movement due to his chairmanship of the Senate Judiciary Committee during the Anita Hill hearing as reasons not to run — not the fact that he is a well documented creeper.

“I’m ready to litigate all those things, the question is what kind of nation are we becoming? What are we going to do? Who are we?” Biden asked. “Whether or not I run, whoever runs, I’m going to break my neck to make sure they win. We can’t have four more years.”

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