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As the Christmas shopping season heats up, pro-life corporate watchdog group 2ndVote is raising a red flag about companies that fund abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

America’s busiest abortionist, Planned Parenthood performs over 300,000 of the murderous procedures by its own count each year. And right there beside Planned Parenthood are such companies as Starbucks, Allstate, Avon, Kraft, Pepsi, United Airlines, and scores of others helping to pony up over 25 percent of Planned Parenthood’s $1.3 billion in yearly revenue, reported 2ndVote recently.

The conservative group explained that it compiled the list of companies and groups that directly or indirectly support Planned Parenthood “so that you as a consumer can know if your dollars are funding an agenda that violates your pro-life values.”

Among the companies that give money to Planned Parenthood directly, or through their support of third-party pro-abortion groups, are such all-American names as Jell-O, Quaker Oats, John-Deere, Whirlpool, Walmart, Del Monte Foods — the list goes on. Click here to view 2ndVote’s entire list of companies that support Planned Parenthood and abortion.

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