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The 69-year-old Dutch motivational speaker who fought to legally change his age so that he might fare better in the dating scene has had his case rejected by a court in the Netherlands. Self-proclaimed 'positivity coach' Emile Ratelband was frustrated by his lack of luck with the ladies in online dating, something which he attributed to his age. Thus began the legal case which garnered worldwide media attention and perhaps a few wry smiles at how audacious Ratelband's claim was; namely that he 'felt' 20 years younger and should therefore be allowed to legally change his age. "I say it's comparable because it has to do with my feeling, with respect about who I think ... I am, my identity," Rateband said. He argued that his appeal was in keeping with recent progressive policies and laws in which personal transformation and identification is afforded more freedom than ever before, including but not limited to, changing one's name or gender identity.