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The migrant caravan crawling toward the U.S./Mexico border did not have the overwhelming effect that Democrats hoped it would in Tuesday's midterm elections. But that doesn't mean it wasn't a factor.

Exit polling from Tuesday indicates that immigration was the second-most important issue to voters behind health care. 23% of voters said immigration was their top issue. All the media attention heaped on the caravan, and President Trump's reaction to it, did have an impact.

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Though the election is over, the caravan isn't turning back. Confrontation at the border is inevitable, which means more chances for the left to demonize the President.

But if you've been wondering exactly why such a large migrant caravan is headed our way in the first place – assuming for a moment that it's not just a political stunt – a story in The Washington Post has finally solved the mystery. It's climate change. Of course! It's so obvious, how did we not see this without The Washington Post? Climate change is wrecking rural Honduras and "pushing people north."

The story claims an unpredictable climate has ruined crops and created environmental challenges for "millions of Honduran farmers." To survive the bad harvests, people are fleeing to cities and even north toward the U.S. According to the story, Honduras is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to climate change.

Confrontation at the border is inevitable, which means more chances for the Left to demonize the President.

Hmmm, let's see, farmers dealing with drought and unpredictable weather – that's something totally new in world history. Humans have never dealt with this before.

The climate change cause and effect angle definitely feels like just another way to toss more fuel on this progressive bonfire, and help burnish the environmental narrative – one of the Left's favorite fundraising causes. It's genius really, when you think about it, combining two hot Leftist issues – migrant caravans and climate change – into one Trump-swamping blue wave of progressive outrage.